Church in the Inventive Age – 02/02/12 @ 10:00am – 5:00pm, Studio A

Doug Pagitt

Many people seek to predict the future of Christianity, but few help us grasp the opportunities of the current situation and equip us to navigate the present. In this all-day pre-session workshop Doug Pagitt will argue that the last two centuries can be divided into four epochs: Idyllic, Industrial, Informational and now-Inventive. The Inventive Age – our current reality – presents distinct opportunities for the Church and its mission. Doug will share optimistic insights, practical suggestions and offer essential frameworks for how the Church can navigate and participate in the Inventive Age.

The Face of Worship – 02/02/12 @ 7:00pm, Studio A

Elizabeth Talbot - view profile

What is the face of worship and why do we worship at all?


Contemporary Perspectives on Worship – 02/03/12 @ 10:45am, Studio A

Ryan Bolger - view profile

This presentation will discuss what must drive our mission as the people of God and provide models of effective churches in a changing world.


Worship in a Postmodern Matrix – 02/03/12 @ 3:15pm, Studio A

Nicholas Zork - view profile

What are the biblical visions of worship and what do they mean for worship ministry in our current context?

Learning to Love Well – 02/03/12 @ 7:00pm, Studio A

Samir Selmanovic - view profile

Why would anyone in one’s right mind spend his or her one temporary fragile human life to follow Jesus?

Worship: A Response to God's Love – 02/04/12 @ 10:45am, Studio A

Dan Jackson - view profile

If we are to be the people of God embodying God’s love to the world, we must be shaped by worship.

They’re Not Our Sheep – 02/04/12 @ 3:45pm, Studio A

Ray Beeson - view profile

When Jesus proclaimed “I will build my Church” did he really mean it? This presentation will consider God’s commitment to building his Church and what that means to us as His people.